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Shubham Hotels and Resorts is a premier group providing most preferred hotels in Vrindavan. Vrindavan is well known all over the world for childhood of Lord Krishna, Yamuna and world famous festival of Holi. Ours are the first and best hotels in Vrindavan with all modern facilities for your most enjoyed stay.

Shubham Group of Hotels are experts in providing high quality, well serviced accommodation and dining services for last two decades, with Hotel The Shubham, Hotel Shubham holidays, The more Residency and Temple & Garden, which are well known among the travelers requiring highest service standards. Hotels in themselves are the landmarks in the city.

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Shri Bankey Bihari Temple

This Bankey Bihari Temple was established by Swami Haridas (Lalita Sakhi in Dvapara Yuga), a guru of the famous singer Tansen. Once on the request of his disciples Swami Haridas ji sang the following verse in Nidhivan in Vrindavan " Mai ri sahaj jori pragat bhai ju rang ki gaur syam ghan damini jaisen.

Swami Haridas was the reincarnation of Lalita ‘sakhi’ (female friend), of the inner consortium of Lord Krishna. This easily explains the fact that even in his childhood, he was more into meditation and scriptures, while other children of his age were busy playing. He was married at the suitable age according to the time to Harimati. Even after his marriage, young Haridas stayed away from worldly pleasures and concentrated on meditation. Harimatiji was such a saintly soul herself that on realizing the inclination of her husband.

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